Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Watched this Video . . .

Facebook . .. ah, Facebook . . . I resisted you for ages, and then succumbed to your lure. And yes, I admit it . . I love it. It makes me laugh, keeps me up to date, connects me with friends new and old, and just gives me something interesting to read when I am taking a break between projects.

Today I saw a video linked there ( and I was intrigued, so I watched it. Ended up in tears. Made my kids watch it. Cried every time through. It touches a deep chord in me. I was bullied pretty badly when I was in elementary school. Typical stuff, but it hurt and it is a wound that has scarred over, but hasn't really healed. I know it affects who I am today and it was certainly integral to my choosing to homeschool our kids. There is a part in there about a young girl who grows up to be a loved mom, and it breaks me down every time.

I cannot fathom watching this with kids in school. I know many of these kids do fine and thrive in school, but so many are wounded. I sure was. I was beat up, called names, and made fun of daily. It didn't end until I was in junior high. I remember being absolutely terrified to walk out on the playground during recess. I remember begging not to go to school. I don't hold any grudge against my parents for not letting me stay home. They didn't know there were any alternatives. They loved me dearly and did all they could to counteract what my peers were doing to me. I'm grateful for that.

But watching this certainly touched me, and all I can do is reach out to my children with incredible gratitude that while they will (and HAVE) encountered unkindness, bullying, and extremely unpleasant people, they are young adults equipped to handle it, not tiny little people with vulnerable souls.  We grow up, we know, as the video says, "THEY WERE WRONG!" but . . . . we are scarred.

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