Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am Humbled

Bursitis. Gout. Old people's health problems.
Apparently, I am an old person.
Honestly, I didn't have a CLUE what gout was. I had heard it and thought it had something to do with a growth on the thyroid. Yeah, that's GOITER, Tami. Obviously, I need to expand the list of topics I cover. :)
So . . . I have gout in my right foot. And let me tell you, it's humbling. It's humbling like a kidney stone. My best description of the experience is that it feels like a nail has been driven through your foot and then set on fire. Occasionally, someone adds some acid to drip on it. Wouldn't want those flames to fizzle out, right? I mean . . . wow, does this hurt.
This morning, I was gearing up to swing that foot out of bed and face walking on it down stairs when I got a charlie horse in the OTHER leg. Now really, was that fair? Did I honestly do something to deserve that? I sure wouldn't think I ticked off the Karma Fairy that much, but I have my doubts.
Anyway, I'm increasing water uptake, taking vitamin C, searching for some cherry juice, and trying not to be a wimp. I'm trying to keep meeting deadlines and getting assignments done in time for Monday morning, but it isn't easy when you are really thinking how grand it would be to chop off your foot instead. I am pretty sure amputation would hurt less.
Sheesh, when I did I get this old?

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Ami said...

Eric had his first bout with the big G in his 20s. It used to be considered a rich man's disease, too. Ha ha.

I am so so so sorry that you're going through this.