Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby Steps

So . . . saw the neurosurgeon today and while he was a pretty nice old guy, he spent more time talking about himself than talking to me. He took my history, but quit listening when I was about three quarters done. He showed me the MRI films and they were . . somewhat helpful. He only talked about one spot though, and there were several others that have been shown to be a problem. I had a sheet of questions to ask him and waited for the right moment.

He said he wanted to do an exam and put me in the exam room. He came in. He raised each leg, flexed each foot and then had me resist when he tried to push my toes. Exam done. What?!

Then he said he was retired and had sold the business to another doctor. He said he would have to see me and talk about surgical options. (He made it clear that the condition was past PT or shots being helpful. That was, at least, one step.) He then left and J and I waited for the other doctor to come in. Nope. The other doctor wasn't in the building. I was supposed to make another appointment to come back in. Sigh.

So I went to the desk and they offered me 3/16. HELL NO. Three more weeks of living in limbo? I think not. I pushed and got an appointment at the other office in 10 days. I also had them put me on the cancellation list.

So . . . progress? Baby steps? I am a terrible terrible waiter, so this is hard. But I will hang on until 3/5. Than I will go in with my list and hope to get answers and make HUGE steps instead of these baby ones. I'm too old to settle for baby steps.

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