Thursday, February 12, 2015

I am. . . ..

My mind is busy with various and sundry details this morning.

I am worrying a great deal about Caspian. He is sick and I can not do a thing about it from here other than talk to him on the phone and give him some suggestions. I am eager to talk to him today and find out how he is. I sure hope better. Last night was a very long night for him. I slept with my phone, just in case.

I am happy and excited for Nicole. She was in a tough spot for a few weeks but life is smoothing out for her now and everything is working out for the best. She has extended her stay (@(#*)#%*()#)__!) but that just means she is happy enough to stay there, and that is a blessing.

I am highly amused by Coryn. He has six days of work left and then a few days before he heads off to New Zealand. He already got a new haircut and is trying to decide what color to dye it before leaving. He is getting more and more excited and packing as many activities in those remaining days as he can. Of course, I would mostly prefer he spent those days right here so I can hug him at will and look over and see my last remaining kid sitting on the couch. I know he will fill  this time with friends though--and that is just fine. Today he is taking the GED and I know he's worried.

I am madly in love with my husband. He has proven again and again and again how much he loves me and treats me unlimited tenderness. Time laughing and talking and cuddling and being with him is wonderful. Boy did I make a great choice 32 plus years ago. He is a tolerant man with depths of kindness and integrity that I've never seen in any one else.

I am frustrated as hell with my body. Ten minutes of walking around picking up some laundry, stacking papers, taping up a box to send out and I am in so much pain, I have to sit down and recover. It sure does not do much for a person's motivation (or self esteem). I know I need to move and use muscles, but when it hurts so much so quickly, it ain't easy. Having an answer and reasons why it hurts this much is amazing and I am so grateful for that. But living with it . . it's hard. Keeping up with work is harder. Keeping a smile on my face . . . sometimes simply impossible.

So that's me right now. I am . . . keepin' on keepin' on.

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caspian orr said...

Hi ya s! (typed it that way to bu you my dear mother) as this is my 1st comment on your blog i just wanted to say your AWESOME