Thursday, February 5, 2015

Explanations at Last

I have my answers==or at least a part of them. It took pushing for an MRI and having to pay for it out of pocket. (Tears added in for free) But, in the end, going through the report, I felt vindicated. I didn't share these results with the world, i.e. Facebook, but am putting them here for those 22 who follow my blog.
According to the results, I have bulging discs at nine levels--which in and of itself, is not that surprising. Everyone over the age of 40 has a few bulging discs. However, these are bulging inward, not outward as most do, and compressing a bunch of nerves, as well as narrowing the spinal canal itself. One of the discs ruptured some time ago (see horrendous pain in September . . ). Add in some arthritis and indications of chronic hip bursitis (with a dollop of gout now and then to keep me from getting too complacent) and it is clear that yes, I am in a lot of pain and not everything is functioning as it should be. Oh and yes, standing is one of the worst things I can do, hence canes, walkers and the occasional wheelchair.
Now comes the next phase--getting into the neurosurgeon for him to look at the MRI results and say (1) live with it, (2) get physical therapy, (3) let's try some steroid injections, or (4) time for surgery. Just getting the appointment is proving a challenge--wrong insurance company and all of that, but I am getting that figured out slowly by surely, as my Dad would have said. Then I can have a plan of what to do next.
Right now I take my meds, and . . . honestly, cry a lot. The pain levels have been nuts and they drain me, they really do. I find myself losing endurance for work assignments and just wanting to stay home and stay quiet. Even haunting Goodwills, my favorite past time, wears me out. Using a walker helps, but it is tiring too--especially on the arms.
Okay, enough whining--or as they say in Australia, according to my girl, WHINGING.
My kids are great--Nicole is doing well in Oz, Caspian is thriving after his first month in Connecticut, and Coryn leaves in just under a month for New Zealand. Ha--go now kids--before your discs begin to bulge. Snicker.

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