Sunday, November 23, 2008

Better Late than Never

Well, I have a bunch of excuses for why I haven't blogged lately and most of them are pretty good but what's the point? I haven't taken the time and as the French cleaner fish says in "Finding Nemo", I am ashamed.

So anyway, life here at my house . . . . I've been working on some really big projects and so haven't had much down time. I did take Coryn and Nicole to see "Jekyll and Hyde" at the local high school last night. We renewed our mutual passion for theatre . . . .Nicole developed a new crush . . . Coryn got mad at me for bringing him to another play that features a person he likes who dies . . . and I sat and marveled at how talented some young people can be. The whole family had gone to see "Speech and Debate", a locally done play last week. It was excellent also, although the seating was horrible. I also have come to accept that Joseph and Caspian will just never be the kind of live theatre fans that Nicole, Coryn and I are. Sigh.

Caspian, my darlin rebel boy that he is, decided last week that he wanted to see what it was like to fast. He had seen Joseph and I do it before and he was challenged as only teenage boys can be. So he quit eating. Well, you know what? That boy has endurance and will power. Today it has been a full week since he has had anything but water. (Yes, of course, we are keeping a close eye on him. He drinks plenty of water, gets extra rest and is doing fine.) We plan to have him end it soon--he knows what he is capable of now, so experiment over. It was a good lesson for him though. I think it even improved his self esteem. We have seen his personality change as he has done it, but I miss him at meal times.

That is about all the news "that' fit to blog" for now. I am writing a 70,000 word vocabulary book that is slow going but kinda fun. In today's economy, I am just grateful that I continue to get projects from companies. I love my life of working at home and I don't want to change it if I don't absolutely have to. One experience working in retail a few years ago was enough to scare me away from it for the rest of my life.

Sorry for the long time gone. I will try to do better now . . . I promise.

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