Saturday, November 1, 2008

Of Power Outages, Crowd Aversion, Impossible Sleeping and Missing Children

Now, in the opposite order.
For Halloween, all three of our kids were out of the house ALL NIGHT. That is AMAZING. The boys were at a all night video game lockdown. Nicole was at her NaNoWriMo kickoff. Joseph and I cuddled in bed, nibbled on some chocolate, read until we couldn't hold our eyes open and then went to sleep. It was peaceful.
Sadly, sleep did not follow well to me. This incision in my neck is very swollen inside and it makes me feel like I constantly have something stuck in my throat. I have a very rattly cough also and between the two, if I lie down flat, I feel like I am choking. I swallow and swallow and swallow and finally sit up in a mild panic. Nope, not fun. I haven't slept for more than two hours at a time since the surgery. Let's hope it's better tonight.
Today, I attempted to do a few things like stop by Goodwill and have a bite to eat. I quickly discovered that I am simply not capable of handling crowds right now. If I started down an aisle with people, I just stopped, frozen. I have never felt this before. I think my body was trying to tell me to go HOME. It made me rather miserable though.
This evening, while sitting down at the table for a dinner where I took each swallow very carefully, the power went out. Just BANG! Gone. We were in the dark. Nicole gathered candles and lit them. We finished dinner by candlelight, musing on how much our evening plans had depended on electricity--reading, working on the computer, watching a movie, etc. And then we spent a truly lovely hour sitting there, telling stories of our childhood and laughing. Joseph read one of his favorite storybooks out loud to the kids and they saw him actually tear up ( you can count how many times that has happened in 25 years on one hand and have fingers left over). It really was a wonderful time that would never have happened if the lights hadn't gone out.
Now, we're sitting around, watching a stupd scary B-movie and I am doing some work although what I really wanna do is curl up on the couch and doze off . ..
A long day of ups and downs. I'm just hoping for more sleep . . because that will make the downs a lot easier to handle.


Gary & Bev said...

I must say for both your procedures, post op has been the pits. Did they give you any timeline on how quickly you would be able to sleep etc?

BUT, so happy that they found out what was going on and know what can be done about it. Just hang on to the thought that when this is over, you WILL feel better. And no more procedures!! Still praying, sending hugs.


Ami said...

I sure hope you can sleep tonight.

You LOOK good. Tired, but good.