Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today's Lunch and the Undead

What we ate is irrelevant.
What struck me was that we ended the meal have a relatively serious conversation about the meaning of the word "undead" and the proper ways to kill a zombie. We went through different weaponry possibilities, the stupidity of zombies and how, if they haven't surrounded you yet, you just have to run. They don't move too fast.
As I listened (and chimed in) to this discussion, I wondered . . do other families do this at the dinner table? I know I talked to my parents in depth at dinner, but we had to catch up on each other's day since we had all spent it in separate places (home, work and school respectively) and had a great deal to share. I can guarantee you, however, that killing zombies was never a conversation topic. That would not have been on the okay to discuss list.

I am feeling better--actually SLEPT in bed all night last night and it was wonderful. The scar is looking better and I can eat without having to stop and rest from the difficulty of swallowing. I am still a bit weary but I can see that I am definitely improving with each passing day.

Good thing too. If I'd gone on much longer, the family might have classified me as undead and pulled out their weapon of choice--an aluminum baseball bat.


Gary & Bev said...

Oh, Tami, Gary and Marc would be so there. They have discussed this to great length. They have concluded blunt force melee weapons are to be preferred, especially one on one confrontations. A shotgun would also be a good choice of weapon if you are going to go the firearm route. Although, it should be considered that firearms have limited ammunition. Over all mobility gives life. By the by, they were also impressed with your choice of weapon.

Glad to hear you are doing better. Hadn't heard for awhile and was hoping that was because you were feeling good enough to do some work.

Love ya,

poeticajasmine said...

i often have discussions in regards to zombies. I tend to go with machete--you have to go for the decapitation, so I would have to disagree with the shotgun route--too easy to just blast a hole in one of them and have them keep going. One of my favorites of course, is the the record/lp/album scene from Shaun of the Dead. That was at least clever. We for sure have quite the penchant for bad, bad zombie movies in my house.

Nicole said...

I agree with the above post. Shotguns never were a good choice, unless your an incredible goot shot, and you can hit them square in the throat. (Decapitation by shotgun is....complicated)

I agree with the throwing of throwing of records idea. Creative, because it offers a long range weapon. (I saw Shaun of the Dead as well)

Machete is an appealing idea that was not discussed at the table last night. Mine was a sword, but they fall into the same category.

(Can you tell I was a strong speaker in that "undead conversation?"

So very glad your feeling better, mom. It's such a relief, I know. (Now go rest and stop pushing yourself into work! Stubborn woman...)