Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Turn

For about two weeks, I have played the role of sympathetic mother to my children as they, one by one, got a rotten cold. Nicole dealt with it . . . Coryn complained all the way through it . . . Caspian tried to pretend it didn't exist . . and then the hubby got it and muddled through, coughing and sniffling. And guess what? Now it's my turn.
So, I've got a monster sore throat and watery eyes and a runny nose and I'm tired, plus I still have this damn scar thing on my neck from the surgery that makes life challenging. I'm feeling pretty pissy about all of this. Mostly I just want to curl back up in bed and sleep until the cold is alllllllllll gone.
Okay, complaining part is over.
On the brighter side: Nicole had a great birthday and it is extended because she has several presents coming through the mail yet. I have gotten five new jobs in the last week or so which, in today's economy, is reassuring. Being a freelancer is wonderful most of the time but it's hard to never have a Friday paycheck to count on. Instead, all of the kids have learned to just ask if it was a good "mail day" or not. All of the new jobs look decent and not terribly taxing. Of course, first I have to write a 70,000 word vocabulary book but that is the kind of work that I actually enjoy. Yea, I know. Get a life, Tami.
Well, I'm off to a hot shower in the hopes that it makes me feel better, at least temporarily. If you feel driven with compassion, you are welcome to send flowers, chocolate or naked men to serve them both to me. Just a thought, ya know.

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Ami said...

I'll be sending this guy

over to your house as soon as I've finished with him.

Hope you have a book to read while you wait, because you'll be waiting awhile.

Feel better soon.