Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm "Hip"

I decided last night I was "hip". (Thankfully this is not based on actual hip dimensions, otherwise, I am hip enough for the whole family.) Why, you ask? (See, I CAN hear you.) Because, when attending a play last night ("Les Miserables"--LOVE musicals), there was a power outage. To keep the audience (the air conditioning went out with the lights) under control, the cast members came out and sang. The first number was from "Rent". I knew all the words. This makes me MODERN. Most people over 40 would not have known the lyrics. The second number was "Eidelweiss" (from "Sound of Music") and I knew all the words to that one too. Most people UNDER 40 didn't know the lyrics. See, I am clearly multi-generational. I can fit in with musicals from all eras. My guess is this makes me more of a geek than hip, but I prefer hip. Sounds better.

1 comment:

Ami said...

You're a really hip geek.

Who didn't know that??