Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Red Letter Writing Day

Well, the day started out pretty crappy. Nothing big but just a number of little things right on top of each other and they piled up into something weighty.

But then, two things happened to make the day a lot better.

First, I got a call back (never thought I had a chance) from an editor at Hampton Brown, a subsidiary of National Geographic and he was given my name from one of my editors. He is interested in having me work on a project with them and asked for a resume!!! I sounded cool as a cucumber when I was talking to him, but let me tell ya, my heart was racing. This could be one fabulous connection for me work wise. I'd keep my fingers crossed but then I couldn't do any typing at all.

Secondly, I did an interview this evening with a person for an article I am writing. It is for a magazine I have written for seven years. She told me that she had followed my writing all this time and that one article I wrote about a new study on a new medication encouraged her to take it to her doctor. He prescribed the med and she is much better. She actually credited me with, in part, helping her to live longer. She said, "You will never know what an impact the words you write have on other people. You may be changing other's lives as well. "

Well, wow.

That was quite something. It truly made me feel like my writing does have a bigger purpose than just paying the bills and keeping me in books, Joseph in Volkswagens, Nicole in hiking gear and the boys in game systems.

So, the day has been pretty decent after all. I'm still behind, still overworked and still frantically trying to get ready to leave town tomorrow afternoon.

But you know what? I changed people's lives. That's pretty cool.


Ami said...

It's VERY cool. You did not tell me that part when we talked last night.

Hope today is another red-letter day.

Gary & Bev said...

How cool is that?!!

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