Friday, July 25, 2008

Stent-Free (sung to the tune of "Born Free")

. . "as free as the wind blows,
as free as the grass grows . . . "
Yes my dear friends, the stent is GONE. I gotta tell you, I was one nervous woman going in for that procedure. The urethra is definitely an OUT hole so I knew this wouldn't be pleasant. I tried to stay calm but my hands were shaking and I had tears in my eyes as I got up on the table.
Was it painful? Yes.
Was it as bad as I had imagined? No.
Thank goodness.
It wasn't fun. I had to do some deep breathing but WOW, does my body feel better without that FOOT LONG (yes, FOOT LONG) plastic device in it. Today I am sore on that side but I can pee without pain (and without having to catch it in a container either). Life is good.
So, phase 1 is done. Waiting for a call from the surgeon's office today about phase 2 (hyperparathyroidism). Endocrinologist called to say my urine calcium levels were more than double the normal amount so looks like we are on the right track.
In the meantime, I feel like I can think clearly for the first time since we got back from vacation. I looked at my writing schedule and had a mild panic attack because I have so much work due between now and Tuesday that I am not sure any human could get it all done. Sigh. Oh well, at least I can sit in a chair without wincing now.
So that's the news on this end.
Other stuff? Joseph has a "new toy" because he was given (yes, for free) another VW camper bus. He is busy replacing parts and cleaning and getting it fixed up so we can sell it soon. Of course, as he crawls back under the bus, getting grease everywhere, swearing because a part doesn't fit or he can't reach it and then swearing louder because more often than not it's the wrong part, I ask myself WHY he thinks this process is fun. . . but then I grin, hug him and just let him play. Ours is not to wonder why . . .

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So that's why you're up so early? Just had this tune in your mind and needed to share?

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