Sunday, July 27, 2008

Making Up for Lost Time

Somehow, in the last couple of weeks, I lost track of actual time passing. Maybe it was the pain. Maybe it was the Vicodin. Maybe it was a combination. Nonetheless, whatever it was whacked my sense of time so badly that by the time the stent came out, the infection went away and I began feeling almost normal again, I was absolutely shocked and terrified at what I had due. Friday morning I went into a full blown Oh-mi-gawd-I-will-never-ever-survive-this panic mode. I started to make lists of how I would spend every single hour of the next five days. I cancelled an appointment. I cancelled going to a friend's house. I moved to my upstairs office so the lure of the movie screen in the living room wouldn't tempt me. I was DETERMINED.

Now, here it is Sunday afternoon and while I am surely NOT done, I am impressed at what I have accomplished.

I finished a 15,000 word book on racial profiling.
I wrote 12 long lesson plans for a high school American Literature course.

What do I still have to do, you ask? (Yes, I can hear you.)
One passage on dealing with peer pressure.
20 sentence completions and writing prompt items.
Revising a book on Apollo and another on Achilles.
Rewriting an entire manuscript on past prez Franklin Pierce.

When are they all due? Between Monday and Tuesday.

Will I get it all done?

Not likely. But it bet I get ALMOST all of it done. Because I am, as I mentioned before, DETERMINED.

Since I have surgery coming up again in August, I have to do all I can to get caught up NOW. Anybody know how to slow down time so I can work faster and get done before those deadlines start pounding on my door? I'd love to ignore them but since those that are pounding are also those that are paying me, I gotta play nice.


Ami said...

You'll be fine if you can remember which time zone you're in.

You live in the Pacific time zone, so you're not on Indiana time.

Just sayin'.

Gary & Bev said...

I noticed your post was put up late night. :D Please remember to eat and sleep, a little, as you are still healing and to heal you need sleep.
Wanna bet you'll get it all done? You can be VERY determined. ;D

Anonymous said...

Well, you can always say to the publishers that you live on Pagan Standard Time which allows you a three hour delay, per work item!
And I know that you have been in a similar spot before and were able to crank out that last minute rush of words ..... you'll make it and we'll all be amazed as usual :)