Friday, July 18, 2008

Round 2

Well, now I am not stoned any longer but fragmented. When the stent comes out on Thursday, the rest of the fragments will pass through which I've been told my innumerable people is the worst pain on the planet . . . so I am hoping that (a) the painkillers are stronger than I think, (b) the stories are exaggerated or (c) the fragments have already gone through and I am clear to launch. Hmmmm. Let's hope, shall we?

So, the next step is parathyroid surgery which will most likely happen sometime in August. Unlike the lithotripsy, it is not an outpatient procedure. Looks like I will be in the hospital for 1 to 2 days this round. How much it will cost is scarier than the actual surgery. This is a lousy year work wise for me to be incurring these costs. My work load is frighteningly light money wise but heavy to accomplish when dealing with surgery and recovery.

I am hoping that when all of this is done, I will feel so fantastic that I will be able to put in long days and catch up. So far, I just feel like I have dealt with one thing after another so I am ready for the tide to turn, as they say. I have really missed my mom throughout all of this. I brought back one of her robes from Indiana and when I hung it up today, I could still smell her scent on it (the woman wore enough perfume for a lot of women!). Of course, it made me cry. I think I will take that robe to this hospital with me.

On the bright side, either the surgeries or the pills or something is working because FINALLY the weight is coming off. I have lost 16 pounds since I started now and since there was a three week vacation in the middle, that is pretty remarkable. I am hoping this trend continues for sure. I've lost 5 pounds just since getting back and that gives me a nice smile in the morning.

So, that's today's update. Stay tuned for the next riveting episode in the life of Tamra Orr, author, mother, wife, daughter, sister and all around wild woman.

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