Friday, July 11, 2008

OOPS! We Forgot to Tell You . . . .

Ah, doctors, doctors, doctors.
Often life savers.
Often helpful.
Sometimes forgetful.
The doctors neglected to inform me that I have a stent placed inside my kidney and bladder. Oops! They forgot to tell me that, if it is doing its job properly, I am miserable. Oops. It hurts terribly to pee (swearing and hitting the walls awful). It hurts to move around. You pee every 20 minutes. You NEVER forget it is there. (TMI ahead) It feels like a bladder infection and a slipped tampon all at the same time. Oops.
They forget to tell me I wear it for 2 1/2 weeks before I get it out. Or that they remove it WITHOUT any anesthesia. Or that AFTER they take it out is when my stones will pass. So I get a four week sentence of discomfort, apparently.
I learned some of this by online research; the rest by calling the doctor's office and getting the overlooked information. Am I happy? Not by a long shot.
I will get through this but if I'd known I would be in this much discomfort for this long, I would have revamped my working schedule quite a bit. Silly me, I thought I would be on the mend now.

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