Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shock Wave

After this mighty adventure of ours, I had about 24 hours to recuperate (i.e unload boxes, pile up laundry and figure out what the terrible smell in our frig was) and then I went in for lithotripsy--which sounds fun but is actually the process of being immersed in a tub and hit with sound waves, i.e. sonic hammer, to break up kidney stones. Fortunately, I was asleep for all of that . . . . but waking up was rough. My throat was killing me from the breathing tube and let's just say that catheters may be removed but they leave behind a lot of . . . discomfort. I felt like a truck had run over me several times and then parked a while.

Today, 24 hours later, I am recovering. I still move slowly and I still wince a bit but I am eager to see what happens with my pain and my blood pressure now that the stones are gone.

I have an appointment next week to talk to the doc about my hyperparathyroidism issue and that will be helpful. I also may have to do something about the huge gallstone I have floating around inside. Eventually, I should be on my feet and feeling MUCH better. Good thing too as this will cost us a fortune and I had better be able to work L O N G hours.

Soooo good to be home, despite the fact that the house looks like a tornado hit it. I brought six boxes of things from my mom's house and where it will all go is completely beyond me. Ah well, finding just the right place will be part of the fun, right?


Ami said...

Your house is messy?
Well I guess I won't be stopping by, then.

You know how a dirty house affects me and my attitude.

I'm so glad you're done with the first task in getting well. I'm happy you've found someone who LISTENED to you.

Oh. And Welcome Home!

poeticajasmine said...

i started a blogspot thingy.

its called:

i can ride my bike with no handlebars.

just so you know.

see you on sunday....