Monday, September 15, 2008


Yes, my friends, the day has finally arrived. I have a surgery date. Who knew it would take SO LONG?

Of course, the doctor only does these surgeries once a week so I couldn't get in for forever. The two dates I was given were Oct 21 and Oct 29. The first one is a night that I have play tickets for for the family (which I won't forget like I did before--see previous blogs). The second is the night before our 26th anniversary. Hard decision but I went with the 29th. So I have to wait for 5 weeks but at least I GOT A DATE.

On the surgery front, I am also have my big toe most likely operated on tomorrow morning. They say the biggest pain will be from the needle they use to make it not hurt. We all see the irony there, right? I think the biggest pain is the $225 I have to give them up front. I've tried living with this toe for 6 months though. . . and it's not getting better . . . so my family nagged me into having it looked at. Tomorrow morning it is.

So there we go. Now I am off to call about the previous billings I got from the hospital to see if they can be revised since I got the discount. That would certainly take the sting out of the toe surgery bill.

Man, ever feel like you are falling apart, piece by piece? I've certainly felt that way of late. I keep stitching to keep it all together though!

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Ami said...

A snip here, a tuck there, a cut and paste and stitch and patch....

I'm thinking you need to post this picture in your profile.