Saturday, September 13, 2008

Karma Works!

Thank you to all who took a moment to send good thoughts my way because apparently, it worked! The hospital called less than 24 hours after we were there. They had already processed our application and, in what could only be considered a miracle in my opinion, told me I would be given the 100 percent discount.

Yes, in other words, the surgery is free.

Have goosebumps? Gasp? I did. Then I started crying. Right there in the middle of a restaurant. I have already bought a box of chocolate for the woman who helped us do this. I told her I loved her and that she had made my year as well.

On Monday, I will call the surgery scheduler and get an ACTUAL SURGERY DATE. I am hoping for Oct. 1. That is when my calendar, personal and professional, will be clear enough to be out of things for at least a week, the recommended time to be down and quiet following surgery.

So, thanks guys, for helping out because the universe listened. Later that same day, I got a check I wasn't expecting and I found the chance to run over and have an x-ray I needed to have taken for my follow up kidney appointment on the 22nd.

Things are looking up. Karma strikes again.

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