Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some Pics to Share

Hey there. Since slowly more and more people are reading my blog, I wanted to update it with a few pics of our family. So, enjoy. If you stop by, leave a comment so I know you were here. The pictures are as follows:

(1) TOP LEFT: Joseph at the beach this summer. Ain't he a looker? I'm one lucky woman.

(2)TOP RIGHT: Coryn, our youngest, 12, at the beach.

(3) MIDDLE LEFT: Jasmine, our oldest, 24, looking like a beautiful sunset.

(4) MIDDLE RIGHT: Caspian (15) and Nicole (17) hanging out together because they actually enjoy each other's company.

(5) The family in the Avocado Crib, our adventure mobile


Ellen said...

Hi, Tami-

I always read of your, and your family's, adventures via the link through Ami's (Susan's) blog. She has some great blogs linked to hers.

It's nice to keep up with you, even though my kids are now largely on their own, and we don't see each other much any more. Sigh. I miss the homeschooling community, but am also working on making connections outside of it.

Good to see the pics. The boys keep growing and changing, and I love to see the transformation that my friends' kids go through during the mid-teen years.

Take care.

Gary & Bev said...

Thanks for the pics. I miss the ocean-we haven't been able to go for several years. So I really enjoyed seeing you and yours there. :D

Get cracking on those books. Lands girl, I don't know how you do it.


Melanie said...

Hi Tami,
I landed here through Ami's blog - came specifically to wish you well with the upcoming operation. Also wanted to add a comment that I've been reading "back issues" of your blog and really, really enjoy the pictures of your family. You asked, so I'm tellin'.