Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Coffee Run!"

In our house, the words "coffee run" mean many things.
It may mean that Joseph and I, and usually Nicole, simply want a morning cup of coffee. Sure, we could have our own coffee maker at home so we wouldn't have to go out for that java, but . . . . then we wouldn't have "coffee runs".
So, when we go out for coffee, the least we do is get a cup of coffee. We also stop by the bank, go to the library, run by the post office, and other mundane errands. Not terribly exciting, I know, but I enjoy it. (Keep in mind--if I am home, I am working . . . if I am not home, I am not working. Make more sense now?) What else do we do? It usually depends on how much time I have that day to call my own, but those "coffee runs" typically include any of the following:
(1) delightful trips to Goodwill
(2) explorations of new coffee shops
(3) meals at exotic restaurants
(4) people watching galore
(5) singing to the radio
(6) laughing and talking with the family
(7) not working.
So, when someone yells, "COFFEE RUN!" in our house, it is little surprise that Tami shoves her shoes on quickly and finds her purse and one, two, or all three of the kids head for the van. In the Orr culture, "coffee run" means F-U-N, mixed with a little caffeine.

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