Sunday, December 25, 2011

Odd, but Wonderful

A recent saying in our house--the worst experiences make for some of the best stories. We are absolutely positive this Christmas will qualify.
We planned to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve because Nicole's new job required her to work all day on Christmas. The night before (Christmas Eve Eve), we got the presents put into the stockings and planned to put the others under the tree once people were in bed and not peeking.
We went to bed that night with great anticipation . . . I was looking forward to this Christmas more than I had in years.
The morning started with a touch on my shoulder and Caspian's voice saying, "Nicole needs you, Mom. She's sick."
Sick does not quite cover it. She was SICK. Throwing up uncontrollably sick.
The day was spent holding her hair back, bringing her water, emptying bowls, providing large amounts of sympathy, warming up heat packs, and hoping she felt better after each round. On the plus side, both of our sons were amazingly patient and kind about opening presents and waiting til she felt better. No pressure, no unhappiness--just sympathy.
We opened up some gifts about noon. Got about 1/3 through and then she needed a break to be sick. Then sleep. And sleep.
About 4 pm, we opened up some more. We finally finished and Nicole slept a bit more.
My favorite moment of the day? We were all done. Everyone had been pleased and surprised and we were heading out to our respective rooms when I said, Oh hey--Caspian you might want this, and handed him the P90X exercise program he had been wanting . . .he was so surprised. Then, I said, Oh Coryn, you might want this too and I tossed him the iPod Touch he has been lusting after for six or more months. He was SHOCKED. Almost speechless shocked. And I got the BIGGEST hug ever. Yea, best moments for sure.
And now it's Christmas Day. Nicole isn't going to work because heading to a kitchen to make baked goods for the elderly when you've been sick isn't wise. And presents got opened. And now the house seems quiet. I admit to really missing hanging out with family today. I wish we had a big family dinner to go to--wish I would spend part of today surrounded by people and chatting, but alas, no family out here to do so. I will, instead, most likely hang out in Powell's Bookstore, drinking coffee and looking across at my family and being infinitely grateful. A part of my heart is with those not here--always with them--but I send them love as well.
Hope your Christmas was wonderful or at least odd, but wonderful also.


Ami said...

Powell's is open on Christmas? How sad for the people who have to work! Wow.

I am really glad she's better today, it must have been awful for everyone. :(

I am so glad your Christmas was something you could afford to do this year, I know things have been tough in other years.

Our holiday will be very quiet, both kids stayed up all night doing an online RPG from separate computers in different areas of the house.


Medical Librarian said...

I miss those big family gatherings, too, though I'm not so sure I enjoyed them all that much when they were actually option. The memories seem nice now, though.