Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Thrill of the Hunt

When I was growing up, my grandparents, who were actually quite wealthy, often behaved in ways that seemed poor . . . They wore worn, shabby clothes. They took all of the sugar packets and jam samples off of restaurant tables and took them home. They never spent money without agonizing over it. They even, my mother would tell me in hushed tones of embarrassment, went to (add a disdainful tone here) . .. GOODWILL. So, I was raised to think that going to Goodwill was a terrible thing. It was something only the poor people did if they couldn't afford to buy NEW things. When I lived in Indiana, I almost never, ever went to a Goodwill, even if I was broke. It was what the poor people did . . . right?

I have come a long way, baby. I now love Goodwills like no other store. I am in one of the six to eight stores in the Portland area every single week. I have found more treasures there than any of those silly pirates out on the ocean. I have found everything from electronics to purses, collectibles to furniture, clothing to books. And you know what? I am spoiled now. I walk into a retail store and my first reaction is LOOK AT THOSE PRICES!!!!! I cannot fathom putting out $30 for a pair of jeans, $25 for a sweater, $40 for a sweatshirt or $20 for a pair of shoes. No way.

About 90 percent of what I buy now comes from Goodwill . . .the only things that don't are items like underwear, toiletries, groceries, etc. And to this day, every time I walk into the store, I cannot wait to see what I will find. Unlike other stores, the merchandise here changes all the time. Even if I was just there two days ago, it will all be different. Almost everything I pick out will be less than $10 and often less than $5. I find beautiful paper, gorgeous wall hangings, lovely bedding, fashionable clothes, amazing purses, and comfy shoes. And I get everything I need for a tiny fraction of what it would have cost at a retail store.

Of course, my parents were horrified that I did so much shopping at Goodwill. I still have friends who don't go to thrift stores who tend to think I am either secretly poor or just eccentric for going there. They have no idea how exciting it is to walk in and paw through shelves to find that perfect item. They can keep their department stores and boutiques, their high end fashion shops and chains. I will happily go Good Will Hunting :) instead.


Ami said...

I do a lot of Goodwill Haunting myself. All that stuff for crafts! My kids!! My job!! Myself!!!

I'm like you, too. Looking at retail prices horrifies me.

Bev said...

I just spent some time today on the thrill of the hunt. I found a new Christmas top and skirt for under $5. It was half price day. :D:D And the good thing is I had two pair of Goodwill shoes at home that would work with the outfit. :D:D

Goodwill is especially good when I need to do something for myself. It's a destresser!!