Monday, December 26, 2011

Please Send Healthy Thoughts . . .

Nicole was sick.
We put it down to some kind of food poisoning.
Until Joseph woke with it this morning. So please, please send healthy thoughts that no one else gets it. Coryn is supposed to go out of town this weekend for the holiday. Caspian works at the nursing home. Tami makes the family income. We really, really don't need this one. That has become my first official New Year's Resolution. The vomit stops here. :)


Ami said...

Dammit!!!! Oh dear oh dear, I am soooo sorry!

Bev said...

So sorry to hear that dearie! We'll definitely continue praying good thoughts your way. We had a wonderful time with Bethany and Morgan, but as Tim said, they gave us the plague. They both had a sore throat, deep chest cold. We're up on yarrow peppermint tea, vita c etc. Yarrow peppermint tea works wonders on the flu. You can get yarrow capsules at the Health Food store and drink peppermint tea.

Love you!