Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eclipse at the Orr's

The news and email kept letting us know that there would be a total lunar eclipse very early this morning. So, as we crawled into bed about 1 a.m, we set our alarms.

Blearily crawling back out four hours later, we donned warm PJs and came downstairs to find one boy already on the computer playing WOW, one son sound asleep, and one daughter walking around having not gone to bed at all. Oh, and a moon that is slowly disappearing.

So, here it is at 5:30 a.m. at our house and we walk out on the deck (brrrrr) every 15 minutes or so to watch the moon disappear. No pretty colors yet, but that is supposed to get here about 6, so trying to be patient. Once it is here, I plan to go "ooooh" and "ahhhhh" a lot . . . . yawn, take off the warm PJs and then crawl back in the bed with warm flannel sheets and a husband, and go back to sleep for a couple of hours. I have an entire book to write this weekend (what else is new lately?) so I need some rest.

How is the eclipse at your house?

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Ami said...

We all got up, even gimpy me. Took a look. Matt was at work, though.

Eric and Lyssa got into the car and drove out on Marine Drive to get a better look at it, unobscured by our neighbor's trees.

I went back to bed. And slept past my dose of pain meds by two hours. And now I'm sorry.

But the eclipse was pretty cool.