Tuesday, March 17, 2015

12 Hours

In a little under 12 hours I will be sitting in a new doctor's office. My heart will be racing and I will be focusing on staying calm and logical. I will present my case, answer questions, most likely get examined and then, if there is any sense of justice in the world, I will be told what I should do next. I will walk (okay roll) out smiling, not crying. I will have a plan, not emptiness. I will have hope--I need hope. I will feel that relief and help is in the works.

Please. Let it happen that way. Let him have as much compassion as he does experience. Let him be as much a good human being as he is a good doctor.

Send hugs, prayers, good wishes, and thoughts. Read the rune stones, check the tarot cards, whatever is meaningful to you that these things happen.

I will report to let you know.

In just 12 very long hours.

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