Thursday, March 19, 2015

Life is Good . . .but Still . . . .a Whinge

Life really is good. I mean . . . Nicole is safe now and out of the INSANE WOMAN's house. I found a WONDERFUL doctor who listened to me and gave me a plan to put into motion. Money is good. Joseph is wonderful. We are eating the healthiest we have in ages and it is making both of us feel better for it.

See? Life.Is.Good. I am so grateful . . . I really am. I can breathe now that I know Nicole's emergency situation is somewhat over. That she is safe and happy and protected. I can breathe because I have a plan in motion (albeit slowly) to get better.

So why the whinge? (In case you don't know, that is an Australian word for whine.). I hurt. Yeah, yeah, I know. What is new, right?  But every day seems harder. Every day I have to fight through pain and weakness like I've never known before.  It isn't the most intense pain I've ever had (that award goes to kidney stones and gout), but it is exhausting. Every day, I have to sit down in the middle of walking through the room or going up the stairs or going to get the mail or going outside to check the weather. And it makes me mad because it zaps my energy. I have work to do and no energy to do it. I have due dates to hit and no endurance to trample them. Mostly, I want to stay on the couch and nap, read, write letters, and watch movies. I don't want to go to Goodwill. I don't want to go for coffee. I just want to stay motionless and hope nothing hurts.

So I will virtually stamp my feet (hurts too much to do in reality) and rant and keep crying at least once a day and know that eventually this will get better.

Because, honestly, life IS good.

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Ami said...

I'm glad you have a plan. And you may have heard from one person who was rather large in your life... 'this too shall pass.'

I love you and you know I'll do anything I can. Hell, I'm letting you borrow my man AND his power tool. Woowoo!!!!