Wednesday, March 25, 2015


You know those scary movies that show the main person (usually a girl in almost no clothes holding nothing more than a candle) running down a hallway, chased by any version of craziness, and then the hall just seems to get longer and longer?

I am currently running down that hallway. (Hey, in this version, I can run!) For three months, I have chased that elusive medical miracle that is going to make me feel better. Make the days easier. Make the nights MUCH easier. And it feels like the more I run, the longer the hallway gets. In three months, we have . . .

1. Gone to my doctor. She ordered xrays. I waited.
2. Got xrays that showed bursitis in both hips. Hip pain explained.
3. Dissatisfied . . . asked for MRI.
4. Went for MRI which was to be covered by new insurance. Told insurance wasn't going to work.
5. Sat in the car and cried. Heroic hubby took me back in and said we would pay out of pocket. ($600!) (In between all of this, had to call insurance company four times to get plan changed. Hours on hold.)
6. Got MRI. I waited.
7. Doctor explained MRI and referred me to both PT and a neurosurgeon. I made appointments with referred doctor. I waited.
8. Saw the first doc. Nice guy. Older, rambling, said I needed surgery. BUT he is retired, so see his partner. . . oh, first appointment is three weeks.
9. Get in earlier. Doctor is an ass. Gives me no help, no guidance, and I leave in tears. And I wait.
10. Go back and get a referral for a second opinion. Call. First appointment in almost three weeks, so I wait.
11. See the new doc. GREAT guy. Listens, asks questions, kind and patient. Says you need surgery BUT we need another set of xrays.
12. Get the xrays. Wait.
13. Doctor's office calls and says your xray results are in and we need to discuss them with you before we make surgical decisions. See you in five days.
Waiting for Friday to see what the xrays showed and what it means for what happens next.
As Joseph pointed out, this all started YEARS ago. I have had hip pain and low back pain for 6 plus years. This just got to the point I couldn't stand it anymore. So here I am . . . .

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