Monday, March 16, 2015

Helpless in Oregon

Well . . .this sucks.
Did you know Australia is a long, long, long way from here? A REALLY long way?
Most of the time that is okay. Today, not so much. Today my daughter is being treated horribly by her landlord. Honestly, we are taking Norman Bates style landlord. She has gone absolutely nuts and my daughter is in the line of fire.
The woman went from a bit OCD to nuts to psychotic. She has been mean and now she has LOCKED Nicole out of the apartment. Nicole is exhausted and can't lie down and rest. She can't change clothes. She can't get to her laptop.
And guess what? I cannot do a single thing from here. Nothing. I have sent a message to her friends. I am here to help her think of what to do from here and calls to make. But I can't solve anything. I can't help. And I'm the mom, and it's my job.
Feeling helpless. And sad. And worried. And stressed. Yeah, it sucks.


Ami said...

Surely Australia has law enforcement?

WritingGoddess said...

Oh yes. They were called. They said they would come at a certain time (more than 2 hours from when she called). She sat out on the porch, alone, tired, in the sunshine, waiting for them. They never came.